Washington State University Center for Undergraduate Education


Washington State University

Pullman, Washington


Located at the center of the historic Pullman campus, the 90,000 SF Center for Undergraduate Education reflected Washington State University’s latest pedagogical models - faculty to student and faculty to faculty - testing innovative approaches to collaborative learning.  Stepped auditoriums, flexible flat floor classrooms, movable furniture, and interactive technologies increase dialogue between students and teachers within the classroom or at one of WSU’s many satellite campuses.

The site slopes steeply to the south, toward the main campus entry.  Dramatic elevation changes provide pedestrian access at three terraces, all terminating major campus walkways.  Basalt landscape walls cascade down the hillside, forming the edges of the public walkways. The stonework integrates the building and landscape, large glazing walls integrate the common indoor and outdoor areas. The red brick and precast massing walls enclose and shelter the public spaces.