Portland State University Academic And Student Recreation Center


Portland State University

Portland, Oregon

Education, Recreation


Located at the gateway to PSU’s campus, the Academic and Student Recreation Center (ASRC) was designed to connect to and integrate with the adjacent public plaza and university buildings. This signature facility contains a complex mix of programs including education, recreation, retail, and office. Located at an important center of pedestrian and mass transit circulation, the innovative LEED Gold building gracefully navigates its sloping site with multiple at-grade points of entry. A flexible, multi-story lobby, conceived as an interior extension of the outdoor plaza, serves as a welcoming central gathering and study area.  A large eco-roof with expansive views across the campus and skyline provides a flexible event space as well as a popular everyday space to meet and relax.

Meeting the project’s ambitious program goals, site and schedule constraints, and budget alignment required close collaboration between the Design Team and multiple project stakeholders. Through a partnership between PSU, the City, and the State, the ASRC program was expanded to include the PSU Graduate School of Social Work and the City of Portland Archives and Records.