State of Oregon Public Safety Academy


State of Oregon

Salem, Oregon


In conjunction with the State of Oregon, YGH completed this new campus for the training for statewide public safety personnel. Programs at the new facility include basic and advanced training of police, corrections officers, parole and probation officers, telecommunication and emergency medical officers, fire fighters and private security.

Over 300,000 sf of building space was constructed in the initial phase, with an additional 150,000 sf of future space to complete the masterplan. Phase 1 of the new 213 acre academy included student housing, dining facilities, classrooms, a student athletic center, forensic science lab and faculty and administrative offices. In addition, a mix of outdoor training facilities included an emergency vehicular operations course, simulated training “villages” and tactical training facilities.

YGH is currently working with DPSST  to plan an additional housing wing to accommodate growing numbers of students..