Bing Lounge


Alpha Broadcasting

Portland, Oregon


Located in the ground floor of a high rise building, the Bing Lounge is the live performance space for Alpha Broadcasting. From country, rock and jazz to sports and politics, Alpha’s wide range of broadcasting formats provide diverse opportunities for internationally known entertainers, athletes and politicians to connect with the company’s invited guests and sponsors.

The Lounge’s importance as a showpiece for the company is heightened by the fact that it must stylistically and acoustically accommodate a variety of conditions and types of performances. It occupies 3,000 sf across four different levels and encompasses the main 75-seat performance space, a green room and a control room. Although remarkably small, it maintains a rigorous schedule of 180 events per year. The space is designed for optimal listening and recording quality. With a double glass wall at the perimeter and a ceiling that is suspended on isolation springs, the surrounding envelope attenuates approximately 110 decibels, allowing a rock concert to occur while bank executives work without distractions on the floor above.