Who We Are

At YGH, our vision is to be a dynamic, fun and rewarding environment that provides the highest quality design through collaboration. We believe in practicing architecture ethically, with clear integrity, in a sustainable, creative manner to promote equity and inclusion both now and going forward.

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“Our mission is to create architecture of excellence in service to our clients and society, while enhancing communities and the environment.”

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Culture, Equity and Diversity

YGH celebrates our similarities and differences and recognizes that a diverse group of employees helps to foster the understanding, creativity, and knowledge necessary to continue to excel at our craft. Having a mix of women and men of varying ages, ethnicities, statuses, abilities, and orientation provides us with the awareness, empathy, flexibility and curiosity necessary to be successful in our own practice and as a means to assist our clients.

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“We believe in practicing architecture ethically, sustainably, and creatively to promote equity and inclusion today and in the future."


Sustainable Design

Sustainability has always been a core value at YGH. We understand that the built and natural environments are intertwined pieces of the same ecosystem. Our responsibility as stewards affects every choice we make from how we design to how we run our office.

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"Respect for the environment has informed our work since the firm's inception in 1964."